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Why have emissions from oil refineries significantly decreased?

Why have emissions from oil refineries significantly decreased?

Benzene emissions from U.S. oil refineries have dropped due to stringent federal oversight and regulations implemented in 2015.

Maxine Joselow reports for The Washington Post.

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Cancer-causing benzene levels were cut in half at US refineries in 2023: Report

Texas refineries, however, still have some work to do.

HOUSTON — The number of U.S. oil refineries exceeding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s action level for benzene in 2023 was cut in half compared to 2020, according to a new report from the Environmental Integrity Project.
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gas stove efficiency & regulation
Photo by Parvesh Kumar on Unsplash

The gas stove fight finally flames out

A new Energy Department regulation would modestly tighten efficiency requirements for some gas stoves.

‘We are not taking this lightly': Texas legislator promises action after investigation into Channelview benzene pollution

Texas State Sen. Carol Alvarado is exploring new legislation to address the issues uncovered during Public Health Watch’s investigation of chronic benzene pollution in the unincorporated community of Channelview.
refinery pollution
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The science on benzene keeps getting scarier. Industry remains in denial

The federal government has struggled to control the carcinogen, which threatens workers and residents who are exposed to it. Users and manufacturers have gone to extremes to argue that it’s dangerous only in high doses, hiding data and spending millions on questionable studies.
texas benzene pollution injustice
Credit: Roy Luck/Flickr

A Texas community is being bombarded by cancer-causing benzene. State officials have known for nearly two decades.

In 2005, Texas regulators documented startling amounts of benzene in a community outside Houston. Instead of solving the problem, they allowed a known benzene polluter to expand — a decision scientists worry could haunt residents for years to come.
Lawn equipment spews air pollution

Report: Lawn equipment spews ‘shocking’ amount of air pollution

“Really inefficient engine technology is pound for pound more polluting than cars and trucks.”