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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Top Mississippi Republicans support new EV battery plant despite Trump’s criticism
Large corporations successfully block shareholder climate proposals
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A new vision for public housing in America

Lawmakers unveil a bold plan to revamp public housing with a green twist, aiming to address environmental and accessibility issues.

Eugene Daniels reports for POLITICO.

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us & china climate solutions

Bernie Sanders: The US and China must unite to fight the climate crisis, not each other

Cooperation is not only in the best interests of all countries, but is absolutely necessary for the survival of the planet.

Manchin fires back after Sanders pens op-ed in West Virginia paper

Manchin fires back after Sanders pens op-ed in West Virginia paper

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ move to land an op-ed in Manchin’s backyard seems to have crossed the line for the West Virginia senator.
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Sanders unloads on Manchin: 'Not good enough to be vague'

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin reiterated his commitment to a $1.5 trillion top line for reconciliation, but his murky public statements about the massive climate and social spending package have sparked pointed criticism from Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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Bernie Sanders predicts Biden's spending bills will pass

Sen. Bernie Sanders defended the squabbling between progressive and moderate Democrats that threatens to torpedo President Biden's legislative agenda and predicted the two spending bills worth trillions of dollars will move forward together.

Democrats want to tax big polluters, but is it enough?

Democrats want to tax big polluters, but is it enough?

Several U.S. Democrats want to tax the country's largest polluters over the next 10 years and collect up to $500 billion in the process. But is their proposal tough enough?

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Bernie Sanders steers climate agenda from Budget perch

A political gamble Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders made more than two years ago has positioned him now for a lead role in writing what could be the largest climate bill in the nation’s history.