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EU's car emission standards face dilution amid industry pressure

The European Union is on the brink of softening a crucial car pollution law following intense auto industry lobbying, a move experts warn could lead to health and environmental damages costing around €100 billion.

Stefano Valentino, James Jackson and Lorenzo Di Stasi report for The Guardian.

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EU poised to water down new car pollution rules after industry lobbying

Exclusive: Nitrogen dioxide limits and approval tests practically unchanged from current rules under Euro 7 proposals.

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MEPs call for 20% reduction in car emissions by 2025

Lawmakers in the European parliament have called for a faster reduction in car pollution to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles in Europe.

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Cargo bikes for cleaner air in Bogota

In Bogota, air pollution contributes to thousands of deaths each year. Ditching trucks for electric cargo bikes could radically cut fine particulate matter.

Paris dreams of a calmer, greener Champs Elysées

Paris dreams of a calmer, greener Champs Elysées

By adding trees and taming traffic on the Champs Elysées, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo promises a car-free makeover for the French capital’s iconic boulevard. 
Should environmentalists embrace basic income?

Should environmentalists embrace basic income?

Cash payments from the government could help ease the transition to a climate-safe economy and weather the natural and economic storms to come.
Houston's climate plan could make it a green model

Houston's climate plan could make it a green model

Houston’s infamous lack of zoning could become a climate-policy asset as the sprawling Texas metropolis attempts to steer a more sustainable course.