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Wetlands see big boost as climate change indicators continue to arise

The Chesapeake Bay Program reports that between 2014 and 2022, the Chesapeake Bay watershed gained 4,310 acres of newly created or restored wetlands.
Chesapeake Bay restoration goals

Can the latest $10 million in EPA grants make a  difference in achieving Chesapeake Bay restoration goals?

Environmental advocates welcomed the latest funding but said restoration of the bay depends even more upon enforcement of the Clean Water Act and better management of excess nutrients from agricultural runoff and stormwater.

Maryland governor & Chesapeake Bay policy

Accepting leadership gavel, Maryland governor vows new approach toward Bay

Taking the helm of the policy-making body overseeing the Chesapeake Bay restoration effort, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore called for the federal government and states in the Bay region to dramatically redefine the focus and goals of the 40-year-old partnership.

Chesapeake Bay future challenges
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What’s next for the Chesapeake Bay?

As the Chesapeake Bay Program turns 40 this year, with a history that includes both significant achievements and outright failures, it faces one of its biggest challenges ever.

chesapeake bay land subsidence

Across Chesapeake Bay landscape, that sinking feeling is real

Some of the lands around the Chesapeake Bay are sinking at a rate of up to a quarter of an inch per year, raising the stakes for cities, towns and natural areas at risk from sea level rise, according to a new study.

Maryland Chesapeake Bay cleanup strategy

Maryland shifts Chesapeake Bay cleanup strategy

New research shows a need to focus mostly on many diffuse sources of pollution rather than single large sources such as wastewater treatment plants.