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Global warming: Renewable energy needs to be twice as cheap as fossil fuels

Renewable energy costs need to be at least twice as cheap as those of fossil fuels to ensure a clean transition globally, Steven Chu, a Nobel laureate in physics and former US secretary of energy, told a forum in Hong Kong on Monday.
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Why data centres, 5G networks are at the forefront of climate-change fight in China

Big data centre operators like GDS and ChinData are working to reduce emissions from their digital infrastructure. Can China cut its dependence on coal-fired plants and accelerate the transition to clean energy?
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China should stop building more coal power plants soon, climate change think tank says ahead of Glasgow summit

China has shrunk its coal power projects pipeline by 74 per cent since committing to the Paris Agreement on climate change, but it should do more to curb new construction, according to a think tank that has called for a total ban on new projects.

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Climate change: British envoy looks forward to China’s ‘enhanced’ 2030 emissions goal

Alok Sharma, Britain's president-designate for the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26, arrived in China on Sunday for a three-day visit to talk about Beijing enhancing its emissions goals ahead of the summit in Glasgow in November.

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World should focus on delivering commitments instead of setting new goals, China’s top envoy says

The world should focus on delivering decarbonisation promises and engage in international technological cooperation, rather than arguing over agreed upon goals, according to Xie Zhenhua, China's climate change envoy.