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northern spotted owl extinction

Canada’s last wild spotted owl gets its day in court

Federal government is in court for ‘precedent-setting’ case over lack of urgency to prevent extinction of the spotted owl in Canada.

forest clear-cutting damages watersheds

Clear-cutting forests near watersheds could threaten drinking water supplies, conservationists warn

Water shortages in Oregon coast cities could be prevented if clear-cutting around watersheds was eliminated, according to environmentalists.
B.C. rainforest Indigenous protected area
Photo by Pavlo Livas on Unsplash

Rare B.C. rainforest declared Indigenous protected area

In a race to conserve the largest intact, unprotected watershed in southern B.C., the Simpcw First Nation unilaterally declared the creation of a new protected area under Indigenous law — a move that could put an end to logging plans.

salmon feeling heat after decades of logging
Sam Beebe/Flickr

Salmon are feeling the heat after decades of logging

As a cold-blooded species, salmon are at the mercy of the waters they swim in. New research finds logging restrictions along small, unprotected streams could go a long way to keeping water cool and safe for the at-risk fish.

Canada’s last spotted owls

Guilbeault recommends emergency order to save Canada’s last spotted owls

If approved, it will be the third time in the 20-year history of the federal Species at Risk Act that an emergency order has been issued.

B.C. plan to protect old-growth forests

New B.C. plan could actually protect old-growth forests

A shift in how the province manages forests — taking into account biodiversity, climate change and Indigenous partnership — signals a long-awaited change in what Premier David Eby calls ‘decades of short-term and transactional thinking.’

BC old-growth forests

What’s next for old-growth forests in B.C.?

More than two years after the province promised to implement recommendations set out in the old-growth strategic review, big trees continue to fall. Review author Garry Merkel says changing B.C.'s forestry culture isn't easy.