climate driven species displacement

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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
fashion industry’s plastic waste
Red king crab migrate north

Red king crab might migrate to north and east Barents Sea

A new study predicts that Red King Crab populations will not only grow in size in the near future but will also take up a much larger area in the Barents Sea.
2021 heat dome biodiversity impacts
David Baron/Flickr

B.C.’s sea life is slowly bouncing back after the 2021 heat dome

Barnacles are making a return, but one scientist says his early estimation that a billion creatures died from record-high temperatures was too low.

cold-water kelp displaced by warm-water species,

The surprising consequences of a seaweed switcheroo

In the ocean off southwest England, cold-water kelp is being replaced by a warm-water species, with profound effects for the local ecosystem.
Offshore wind farms could reduce Atlantic City’s surfclam fishery
Robert Shea/Flickr

Offshore wind farms could reduce Atlantic City’s surfclam fishery revenue up to 25%, Rutgers study suggests

The Atlantic surfclam industry generates about $30 million in yearly revenue. But a new study shows offshore wind development planned for the Jersey coast could cut that income up to 25%.
climate-driven species displacement

130-year-old menus show how climate change is already affecting what we eat

By studying the so-called mean temperature of restaurant seafood, scientists have shown how the species that grace our plates have changed with time.