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Tim Robinson explores climate change communication through cringe comedy

Tim Robinson explores climate change communication through cringe comedy

Comedian Tim Robinson uses his unique style of humor to address the challenges of communicating climate change effectively.

Kate Yoder reports for Grist.

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18 times comedians joked about climate change

How many comedians does it take to make climate change funny? OK, yes, that’s a trick question — climate change is basically the opposite of funny. But like divorce, war, and other not-funny things, there are actually lots of ways to joke about it.

aaron sachs climate dark comedy

Strange, unpredictable, and energizing: Dark comedy as climate solution

In a new book, Aaron Sachs, a professor at Cornell University and author of several highly regarded books on environmental history, argues that environmentalists could accomplish more by embracing dark comedy — and learning to laugh at themselves.

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Comedians made some hilarious jokes about climate change. Were they right?

Comedy may not seem like a good vehicle to showcase grim news of our planet, but just because something is entertaining doesn’t mean it can’t be useful, too.

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A comedy with solar themes

A message about climate change and renewable energy underlies a new bro-mantic comedy coming to theaters next month.

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John Oliver on corporate ‘net zero’ proposals: ‘We cannot offset our way out of climate change’

The Last Week Tonight host digs into the overstated promises of corporate carbon neutrality through ‘carbon offset’ schemes.

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Can works like 'Don't Look Up' get us out of our heads?

In the doomsday smash and Bo Burnham’s pandemic musical “Inside,” themes of climate change, digital distraction and inequality merge and hit home.