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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Kichwa people fighting Petroecuador
Kate fisher/Flickr

“Sinchiurco is coated with oil”: The Kichwa people going up against Petroecuador

In 1985, a road opened through the Kichwa community of Sinchiruco, in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon. With it came the Guanta 1 oil platform, which would lead to repeated complaints of human and environmental rights violations.

United Nations Development Program supports Amazon oil extraction
Vince Smith/Flickr

In the Amazon, a U.N. agency has a green mission, but dirty partners

One of the world’s largest sustainable development agencies has worked with energy companies to quash opposition and keep oil flowing, even in sensitive areas.
Louisiana fighting over tax breaks for wind & solar
Brandon Shaw/ Flickr

Louisiana lawmakers block attempt to pull tax breaks from solar, wind projects

Fossil fuel proponent Rep. Danny McCormick met resistance Tuesday on a bill that targeted state tax breaks on solar and wind energy projects.
BC oil and gas cleanup

BC oil and gas cleanup ‘going in wrong direction’

Enforcing cleanup rules and timelines will shift to the industry-funded regulator. ‘Fox guarding the henhouse,’ say critics.
Indonesia’s energy crisis highlights its addiction to coal

As blackouts loom, Indonesia’s energy crisis highlights its addiction to coal

Coal miners in Indonesia have been shirking their obligation to allocate 25% of their output for the domestic market, leading to a critical shortage of the fossil fuel for power generation.

Canada’s 100 dirtiest emitters

Canada’s 100 heaviest greenhouse gas emitters

Canada's National Observer maps the 100 heaviest greenhouse gas emitters in Canada which were responsible for more than 25 per cent of the entire country's emissions.