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nurses climate change
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FEMA faces potential funding shortfall amid increasing natural disasters
Biden administration finalizes environmental regulations ahead of potential Trump presidency
lax environmental enforcement South America

South American nations struggle with enforcing environmental cleanup laws

A review of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia's environmental laws highlights a “lack of political will” for enforcement.

Yvette Sierra Praeli reports for Mongabay.

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Indonesia’s crackdown on forest fires

Burn now, pay later: Fines trickle in from Indonesia’s crackdown on forest fires

Ten years since a landmark lawsuit over forest fires, the palm oil company at the center of the case has finally begun paying its $23 million fine in installments.

recycling program challenges

How Eastern Shore counties are keeping up with challenges of recycling

The costs and challenges of recycling programs are putting Eastern Shore counties in the crosshairs. Here's how they're handling it.
Site C dam BC hydro

BC Hydro apologizes for $128-million Site C dam data error

Undisclosed employees quietly handed out $558 million in direct-award contracts, including $92 million to SNC Lavalin, new information shows.

overdue inspections Alberta oil and gas wells

Inspections overdue on thousands of Alberta oil and gas wells

The Alberta Energy Regulator's handling of inactive oil and gas wells is in stark contrast to the province’s recent caution around renewable energy.

Big Tech’s Waste ‘Solutions’ greenwashing
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Big Tech’s waste ‘solutions’ are a scam

Rather than face hard truths about reorganizing our system to stop waste, the world is falling victim to empty and inefficient cleanup promises from the tech industry.

Alberta taxpayers on hook for abandoned wells

The Narwhal: Alberta taxpayers pay another $14M tab for oil companies’ rent

Alberta paid $14 million in rent on behalf of delinquent oil companies in 2022. The government is supposed to recoup that money from companies but data shows debt collection remains below one per cent. Drew Anderson writes the story for The Narwhal.

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