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Congress moves to enhance mining rights on federal land
Developing nations urged to enhance transparency in climate finances

Developing nations urged to enhance transparency in climate finances

Mukhtar Babayev calls for improved financial accountability in climate actions as developing nations seek significant funding.

Fiona Harvey reports for The Guardian.

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Europe calls for accelerated end to fossil fuel dependence

The European Union Parliament has passed a resolution advocating for the rapid phase-out of fossil fuels.

Bob Berwyn reports forInside Climate News.

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Fight over new climate fund dogs Biden as U.N. summit looms

Developing countries want rich, polluting nations to supply many billions of dollars to address climate damage. And they distrust Washington's motives.
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Paris summit aims to shake up the financial system. It will test leaders' resolve on climate

Heads of state, finance leaders and activists from around the world will converge in Paris this week to seek ways to overhaul the world’s development banks — like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank — and help them weather a warmer and stormier world.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

A wealth tax could help poorer countries tackle climate crisis, economists say

Taxing world’s wealthiest people could help poorer countries shift economies to low-carbon and recover from climate damage.

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Image by xiSerge from Pixabay

Small islands "disappointed" as talking about emissions cuts proves too controversial for climate negotiators

A group of developing countries wouldn't talk about emissions cuts without talking about finance - but developed countries refused to accept that.

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Rich world's leaders fail to commit to Paris global financing summit

Two weeks ahead of a highly-anticipated climate finance summit, most developed country leaders have not confirmed their attendance, sparking concerns they are not taking it seriously.