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2023 record-breaking global heat
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Insurance woes increase as climate change impacts profitability
Trump's election could pose a threat to global climate objectives
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Trump's election could pose a threat to global climate objectives

A warning from a former UN climate leader emphasizes the potential setback in the fight against climate change if Donald Trump wins the presidency, particularly affecting U.S. climate policies and global emission reduction goals.

Fiona Harvey reports for The Guardian.

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Donald Trump pitches oil and gas barons to line his campaign coffers

Donald Trump is aggressively courting donations from the oil and gas industry, one of the main beneficiaries of his time in the White House.
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How a Republican president could hobble the climate law

The GOP may be unable to undo Democrats' top recent achievement, but a Republican president can wreak havoc with its implementation.
Trump vows to undo Biden's electric vehicle policies

Trump vows to undo Biden's electric vehicle policies

The former president's latest attempt to win auto workers' votes came in a video that accused his successor of imposing "crippling mandates" on the industry.
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Climate change and extreme weather big yawns for GOP

Heat waves, wildfire smoke and floods have swept across the U.S. and the world this summer, but extreme weather events aren’t swaying House Republicans on climate change — at least not yet.

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President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act may be set up for failure

In everything from climate change to the courts to foreign policy, the Trump and Biden presidencies could not be less alike. But when it comes to foreign trade and protectionism, there’s more continuity than difference.

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Biden voids Trump-era deal to open Alaskan wildlife area

The administration canceled a plan that would have allowed road construction in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.