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A grim report about climate change in Ontario was kept quiet for 8 months

Presented to the government in January but only posted publicly in late August, the government did not issue a news release about the report. It follows a summer where Ontarians faced at times extreme heat, heavy rainstorms and unprecedented wildfire smoke.

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In rush for key metals, Canada ushers miners to its fragile north

Canada is offering incentives to mining companies to dig in its northern regions for the critical minerals needed for EVs and solar panels, writes Yale Environment 360 reporter Ed Struzik.

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Ford refuses calls to link wildfires to climate change

Opposition parties are calling on the Ontario government to make a link between forest fires and climate change as smoke from the blazes continues to leave a grey haze over the province.
Doug Ford’s housing plan cuts environmental protections

Doug Ford’s housing plan cuts environmental protections

As it sets out to reduce developers’ “regulatory obligations” around Ontario’s parks, protected spaces and wetlands, the Ford government also wants to limit residents’ ability to object.

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Canada defends Doug Ford against Koch Industries

Koch is demanding a US$30M refund in international court, leaving Canada to prop up Ontario’s decision to backtrack on climate — after fighting it at home.

Doug Ford’s Ontario budget skips emissions

Doug Ford’s pre-election Ontario budget skips over emission cuts

For the first time, Doug Ford’s government has released an Ontario budget without a chapter dedicated to environment policy. What it does promise is mining, electric vehicles and even more highways.

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Ontario quietly revises its plan for hitting climate change targets

The new forecast for the province's greenhouse gas emissions posted to a government website shows some significant departures from the reductions earmarked in the "Made in Ontario Plan for the Environment" in 2018.