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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Unhealthy air pollution affects nearly 40% of Americans, report reveals
Indigenous concerns about the environmental and social costs of the green transition
Uber pledges to go all-electric

Uber pledges to go all-electric, but It doesn't own the cars

The ride-hail company joined rival Lyft with a “green” pledge. It's counting on incentives to encourage drivers to switch to battery power.
indigenous Saami appeal to Tesla over NorNickel

Saami Council urges Tesla to refrain from buying NorNickel metals

"The factory has forever ruined what used to be the beautiful tundra here in Monchegorsk," says Andrei Danilov, a Sámi from Russia's Kola Peninsula.
extracting lithium from thermal water

Can German technology feed Europe′s lithium appetite?

Lithium is being referred to as "white gold" since it's used in almost every battery powering our modern gadgets.

Tesla ‘GigaTexas’ will build Cybertrucks

Tesla will build ‘GigaTexas’ to crank out Cybertrucks

On the heels of another profitable quarter, despite a coronavirus-induced shutdown of its California plant, the electric-auto maker announced its fourth factory.
million-mile battery from China

A million-mile battery from China could power your electric car

The Chinese behemoth that makes electric-car batteries for Tesla Inc. and Volkswagen AG developed a power pack that lasts more than a million miles.

Volvo's battery lab plugs away on ev plans

As other carmakers retrench, Volvo's battery lab plugs away

Despite Covid-19, an economic slowdown, and low gas prices,  the Swedish carmaker pushes forward with its electrification plans.
nuro driverless delivery vehicles

California allows startup Nuro to test driverless delivery vehicles

California's Department of Motor Vehicles on Tuesday authorized autonomous technology startup Nuro to test two driverless delivery vehicles in nine cities, a decision that comes as coronavirus concerns lock down many in the state.