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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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PG&E racing to put power lines underground

Inside PG&E, executives race to get ahead of unending wildfire risk and put power lines underground

PG&E Corp. leaders gather each week in the middle of a nondescript San Ramon office complex to talk about the company's most pressing problem: wildfires.

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power grid isn’t ready for renewable revolution

The grid isn’t ready for the renewable revolution

The massive deployment of wind and solar will turn you, the humble homeowner, into a critical actor in the operation of the US power grid.
Texas’ electric grid regulators extreme weather

How Texas’ electric grid regulators are trying to prep for extreme weather

The state plans to use past weather data to craft rules for power plant upgrades. Scientists warn that the accelerating effects of climate change make relying on old data alone insufficient.