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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Zoning slows efforts to cut transportation pollution

Connecticut won’t achieve its 2030 climate targets if it leans on electric vehicles alone to lower transportation emissions. The state also needs to convince residents to drive less.

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Dutch plan to cut nitrogen emissions gets EU green light

Dutch government plans to drastically cut emissions of nitrogen pollution cleared a key hurdle Tuesday when the European Union’s executive arm gave the green light to farm buyout schemes worth nearly 1.5 billion euros ($1.65 billion).

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GM backs setting tough U.S. emissions targets for 2030

General Motors Co said Tuesday it backed establishing tougher federal emissions standards to help ensure at least 50% of new vehicles sold by 2030 are zero-emission models.
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Taylor Swift didn't rack up wasteful private jet miles alone, team says

A solid portion of the internet flipped out on Taylor Swift this week after a marketing firm dropped a report that says she and her private jet are the world's worst celeb CO2 emission offenders.

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Tanzania's new electric rail will help it cut carbon emissions

Tanzania is testing its new electric rail line as part of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions by moving away from diesel powered trains used by its regional peers.

Louisiana is bracing for an LNG boom. The projects will emit millions of tons of greenhouse gases.

Louisiana is bracing for an LNG boom. The projects will emit millions of tons of greenhouse gases.

A report outlining the environmental impact of the United States’ roaring liquefied natural gas export industry says 25 impending LNG projects could spew out up to 90 million tons of
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Coal plant closures help reduce pollutants that cause haze

Due in part to newly shuttered coal plants and modern industrial controls, state environmental officials expect significant reductions through 2028 in at least two major pollutants that haze up an otherwise clear Big Sky.