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Federal agencies move to protect climate science from political interference
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
US oil trade group challenges Biden administration's EV mandate in court
Trump anti-climate energy policies
city/business energy conservation partnership
Credit: David Wilson/Flickr

A boutique hotel helps explain the benefits of businesses and government teaming up to conserve energy

Businesses’ voluntary climate plans can do a little. Combined with state and local government policies, they can do a lot.
Texas heat wave: Why we're talking about the power grid again

Texas heat wave: Why we're talking about the power grid again

This week, a heat wave – triple-digit temperatures – and a tornado had the state’s power authority, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, asking residents to cut power consumption and turn up their thermostats. The timing was awkward for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

passive cooling technology

How cool roofs can lower your AC costs

Cool roofs could lower energy bills, save lives and even cool the planet itself.
NYC skyscrapers turning to carbon capture

NYC skyscrapers turning to carbon capture to lessen climate change

Buildings are by far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City, roughly two-thirds, according to the city buildings department.

air dry your laundry

Why should you air dry your laundry? Let’s count the ways.

Using your dryer less can save energy and make your clothes last longer.
zero-travel ‘touring’ eco theatre

Boldly not going: zero-travel ‘touring’ play paves the way for eco theatre

Using local creatives and actors, director Katie Mitchell’s A Play for the Living in a Time of Extinction is a narrative response to the climate crisis and an experiment in sustainability.

museums rethink energy vs art conservation

As energy costs bite, museums rethink a conservation credo

Tight climate controls have become the norm to protect artworks and artifacts. But as heating and electricity prices soar, Europe’s museums administrators are wondering whether the rules need to be so strict.