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US faces ‘adapter hell’ on way to a Tesla charging future

The emergence of Tesla’s Supercharger technology as a national model could influence EVs’ growth and how Americans experience e-fueling.
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We went to the first EV charging station funded by the federal infrastructure law

On the western outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, two doors down from a Waffle House, is a truck stop that, as of last Friday, has the first electric vehicle charging station in the country to be financed in part by the 2021 federal infrastructure law.

electric vehicle charging stations
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Paul Krugman: Biden and America’s big green push

Why industrial policy is catalyzing so much investment.
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EV charging stations to roll out at fast food restaurants in California

At a Taco Bell in South San Francisco, diners can now plug in their electric cars while grabbing a burrito.

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Walmart to add EV charging to thousands of stores by 2030

Walmart plans to add the EV charging stations to stores coast-to-coast, more than quadrupling its current network of roughly 280 locations.
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Yes, the grid can handle EV charging, even when demand spikes

The flexible timing of vehicle charging can save the day — even during heat waves when electricity consumption surges.
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Gas would be cheaper and charging EVs more expensive if this bill passes

Legislation would lower the tax on gasoline and create a new tax on electric-vehicle charging, which critics say is incentivizing polluting vehicles and discouraging clean vehicles.