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Burrard inlet industrial pollution
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Palm oil pollution
Rising saltwater contamination threatens health in coastal Bangladesh
school roof
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FEMA to cover costs of energy resilient post-disaster projects

The federal government plans to reimburse state and local governments that rebuild damaged public buildings to be more energy resilient.
FEMA disaster aid program
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FEMA overhauled a disaster aid program. Environmental justice communities could benefit most

Black Americans are more likely to live in flood zones and the majority of applicants for federal disaster aid are “lower income.” A new rule could help by streamlining applications.

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As climate shocks worsen, FEMA tries a new approach to aid

The Biden administration is overhauling the country’s disaster assistance programs, expanding aid for survivors of hurricanes, wildfires and other catastrophes and making it easier to access.

FEMA & flood insurance

The billion-dollar industry between you and FEMA's flood insurance

Cutting payments to brokers, or selling policies directly to consumers, could save millions. FEMA says it’s not quite that straightforward.
FEMA forced to restrict disaster spending because of low funds

FEMA forced to restrict disaster spending because of low funds

From now on, the money will be used only for “critical response efforts” and not rebuilding.
flood fema map climate
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FEMA maps said they weren't in a flood zone. Then came the rain

Flaws in federal flood maps leave millions unprepared. Some are trying to fix that.