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David Wallace-Wells: The age of the urban inferno is here

Increasingly, fires emerging hotter and more intense from the natural landscape are burning human structures not as collateral but as fuel

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More than 13,000 evacuated as wildfires burn in Western Canada

Government officials declared a provincial state of emergency as more than 100 wildfires burned across Alberta on Saturday, with dozens still “out of control.”
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Why California’s 2022 wildfire season was unexpectedly quiet

The state avoided a third year of catastrophic wildfires because of a combination of well-timed precipitation and favorable wind conditions — or “luck,” as experts put it.
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After deadly fires and disastrous floods, Vancouver moves to sue big oil

Vancouver’s City Council took preliminary steps in July toward suing major oil companies, seeking damages for the local costs of climate change.

As Alaska warms, fires burn over and under' more wild land

As Alaska warms, fires burn over and under' more wild land

Lightning storms, drought and thawing tundra are making fires more destructive. In the vast wilderness, firefighting is a major challenge.
Can fire smoke cause lung cancer?

Can fire smoke cause lung cancer?

And how does the risk compare with inhaling smoke from cigarettes?
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Can fire smoke cause lung cancer?

Some recent, limited studies published in the last few years have found correlations between people exposed to wildfire smoke and lung cancer. But none have proved causation, the scientists who performed those studies have said, and much more research is needed.