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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
fashion industry’s plastic waste
Heirloom crops food security
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A ‘revolutionary’ way to feed the world that’s very old

The U.S. global food security envoy is pushing to bring back traditional African crops that American policies helped to sideline.
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The Indigenous farmers decolonizing Toronto’s hydro fields

Under the transmission towers of Malvern and Flemingdon Park, Indigenous agricultural knowledge is being shared with communities that need fresh food.

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Building a case for investment in regenerative agriculture on Indigenous farms

A unique three-year project from the Environmental Defense Fund and the Intertribal Agriculture Council hopes to yield quantitative data about the costs and benefits of regenerative practices.
world’s broken food system

The world’s broken food system costs $12.7 trillion a year

The hidden costs of the global food system are equivalent to 10 percent of global GDP, according to new analysis from the United Nations.
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Food justice advocates didn't set out to save the climate. Their solutions are doing it anyway

How New York's rich history of urban gardening connects food justice and climate mitigation.
community gardening movement seed libraries

Free seed libraries illustrate the power of this community gardening movement

If disasters ever cause shortages on supermarket shelves, Psaltis Cauley and passionate volunteers like her are set to support local food security with a precious seed bank of hardy and heirloom variety vegetables.
africa farmers
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Opinion: Feeding big agribusiness, starving Africans

Industrial agriculture has failed to eliminate food insecurity in Africa. It is time for a radically different approach.