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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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California small water capture projects

In a drought, California is watching water wash out to sea

Heavy storms have flooded parts of California, but the state has been unable to capture billions of gallons of water that are flowing unchecked into the ocean. Los Angeles is embarking on an ambitious new program to change that.
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Ohio coal-fired power plant could close after EPA decision

The EPA decided to revoke the James M. Gavin power plant's permit to dump coal ash into unlined pits.
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US approves aid to extend life of California nuclear plant

The Energy Department’s grant of $1.1 billion is the latest step that could keep the reactor in operation beyond its scheduled shutdown in 2025.
How California’s bullet train went off the rails

How California’s bullet train went off the rails

America’s first experiment with high-speed rail has become a multi-billion-dollar nightmare. Political compromises created a project so expensive that almost no one knows how it can be built as originally envisioned.
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A key to controlling emissions: More buildings in a city’s unused spaces

Constructing more condensed communities in existing neighborhoods has been found to go a long way toward fighting climate change.
Amid heat wave, California asks electric vehicle owners to limit charging

Amid heat wave, California asks electric vehicle owners to limit charging

Critics of the state’s push to end reliance on gas-powered vehicles seized on the news. But environmentalists said the extreme weather underscored the need for the E.V. transition.
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California approves a wave of aggressive new climate measures

California took some of its most aggressive steps yet to fight global warming as lawmakers passed a flurry of new climate bills late Wednesday, including a record $54 billion in climate spending.