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One of first US uranium mines opens near Grand Canyon after eight years

One of first US uranium mines opens near Grand Canyon after eight years

The opening of the Pinyon Plain mine comes as the US seeks to boost domestic production of the mineral needed for nuclear energy and accelerate divesting from fossil fuels.

grand canyon

First uranium mines to dig in the US in eight years begin operations near Grand Canyon

The push for more nuclear energy and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has spiked uranium prices, leading mines for the element to begin operating again in the U.S. despite long-term environmental and health impacts.
colorado river bass

On the Colorado River, staving off a bass invasion

As Lake Powell shrinks, smallmouth bass are moving downstream — and threatening the Grand Canyon's native fishes.
raymond zhong science climate
Photo by Clay Elliot on Unsplash

Following the science, above the ground and below

Raymond Zhong has experienced highs and lows while reporting on the environment. Literally.
Grand Canyon National Monument protections

Grand Canyon National Monument offers new protections for lands sacred to tribes

The Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon monument will protect thousands of square miles from uranium mining.

Grand Canyon national monument

Biden, on three-state tour, designates new national monument

Biden creates monument near Grand Canyon, to applause from environmentalists and Native leaders and criticism from mining firms.

colorado river drought climate
Photo by Mike Newbry on Unsplash

The Grand Canyon and Colorado River are in crisis

As the planet warms, low snow is starving the Colorado River at its headwaters in the Rockies, and higher temperatures are pilfering more of it through evaporation.