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refinery benzene
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
biodiversity resilience
technology tackling clothing waste
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The hunt for a new way to tackle clothing waste

Scientists in the US are trying to find enzymes or bacteria that will decompose manmade fibres.
e-waste precious metal extraction

The gold jewelry made from old phones

E-waste is mounting. Now the UK Royal Mint has found a new way to extract the precious metals hidden in laptops and phones to reduce our reliance on raw materials.
greener production processes for tires

Can tires turn green?

Tire manufacturers are adopting greener production processes and more renewable materials, but they have yet to get a grip on tire particle pollution.

plastic replacement from sea algae

Turning problem sea algae into a replacement for plastic

Seaweed, including that from unwanted outbreaks, is increasingly being turned into useful products.
Lab-grown alternatives to palm oil

Lab-grown alternatives aim to cut palm oil dependence

Two biotech firms have developed oils made from yeast as a replacement for palm.
Icelandic innovation emerging technologies

In Iceland, start-up founders invent new ways to tackle environmental crises

A new partnership between a bioplastic entrepreneur and an Icelandic manufacturer is part of a network in Iceland focusing on inventive and creative technologies to address the climate crisis.
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decarbonizing the chemical industry

Mathieu Flamini has a plan to decarbonize the chemical industry

The former soccer player is working to turn agricultural waste into a fossil fuel replacement, reducing emissions and harmful byproducts.