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Investment in clean energy to overtake fossil fuel spending in 2024
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
UN calls for stronger protections for Indigenous rights and against exploitative green projects
Many journalists covering climate crisis face threats and violence
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Daniel Goulden: We need a real green jobs program to fight climate change

Joe Biden’s newly unveiled American Climate Corps is set to provide green jobs training to just 20,000 people. It falls far short of the ambitious public jobs program the Left has long demanded.
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Want to join the American Climate Corps? Here's what we know so far

Biden's program is expected to hire 20,000 young people in its first year.
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Wanted: 20,000 young Americans to fight climate change

The White House plans to create an “American Climate Corps” that would train thousands of young people for green jobs.
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California high school offers class credit for climate action

A California school district is part of a growing trend where high schools offer class credit for climate actions.
Foes of Biden's climate plan sought a 'new Solyndra,' but they have yet to dig up scandal
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Foes of Biden's climate plan sought a 'new Solyndra,' but they have yet to dig up scandal

By the first anniversary of the climate law Republicans opposed, their Congressional districts had captured the majority of new clean energy jobs created.

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Green jobs are booming, but there's a big skills gap. Here's how companies can fix it

The demand for green jobs is outpacing the production of green talent. Here's what companies can do to change that, and grow the green economy.
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Is green hydrogen the fuel of the future? This CEO is betting on it

Plug Power’s long-time CEO is repositioning the fuel cell maker to be a producer of hydrogen fuel made from water and renewable power to cut climate-warming industrial carbon pollution from the steel, oil and agricultural industries.