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extreme heat & vulnerable populations
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Toxic coal ash complicates Chapel Hill redevelopment plans
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Greenland ice sheet losing more ice than scientists estimated

The Greenland ice sheet lost 20 percent more ice than scientists previously thought, posing potential problems for ocean circulation and sea level rise, a study says.
east greenland
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Climate change and the village at the end of the world

Ittoqqotoormiit, in the east of Greenland, is probably the most remote village in the world. Only about 350 people live in the tiny hamlet north of the Arctic Circle. Today their unique way of life is under threat.

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From carbon sink to source: the stark changes in Arctic lakes

For millennia, lakes in Greenland’s dry tundra have locked up huge loads of carbon in their sediment. But as the Arctic becomes warmer and wetter, scientists believe these lakes could become sources of carbon, which would have important consequences for the world’s climate.
greenland ice
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What Arctic ice in Greenland tells us about climate change

I went with scientists to study a remote part of the Greenland ice sheet. Here’s what I learned, and why it matters for the rest of the world.
Extreme rain from atmospheric rivers and ice-heating micro-cracks are ominous new threats to the Greenland ice sheet
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Extreme rain from atmospheric rivers and ice-heating micro-cracks are ominous new threats to the Greenland ice sheet

At the current level of human-caused global warming, extreme rainfall from atmospheric rivers, as well as an extensive network of previously undetected micro-cracks, could degrade large parts of the Greenland Ice Sheet faster than expected and accelerate melting toward worst-case projections for ice loss and sea level rise, recent research shows.

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Greenland seasonal extremes

On the coast of Greenland, early Arctic spring has been replaced by seasonal extremes, new research shows

In assembling data over 25 years, scientists found plants and animals reaching the limits of their ability to respond to climate variability.

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Caribou could save tundra from rising heat and shrinking ice

Scientists in Greenland found that tundra vegetation fares better when caribou and muskoxen are around to dine on encroaching, heat-loving shrubs.