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Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
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extreme heat biodiversity threats
Credit: ucumari photography/Flickr

Wildlife struggles to survive amid rising global temperatures

As global heatwaves intensify, animals are increasingly unable to cope, leading to widespread deaths and altered behaviors.

Beatrice Christofaro reports for DW.

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Amazon bird population decline
Credit: Ross Tsai/Flickr

Bird populations in the Amazon are declining without clear cause

Bird populations in the Amazon's Yasuní Biosphere Reserve have mysteriously dropped by half over 23 years, with climate change being a potential culprit.

Bernardo Araujo reports for Mongabay.

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role of parasites in ecosystems
Credit: Klaus Stiefel/Flickr

Reevaluating the role of parasites in ecosystems

Research shows that parasites can indicate overall ecosystem health and biodiversity.

Jesse Nichols reports for Grist.

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Air pollution' deters moth pollination
Credit: Lisa Murray/Flickr

Air pollution's destructive impact on moth pollination

Car exhaust byproducts are disrupting moth pollination by degrading the floral scents essential for attracting these nocturnal pollinators, according to a new study published in the journal Science.

Lauren Leffer reports for Popular Science.

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Ocean heating record levels

Ocean heating breaks record, again, with disastrous outcomes for the planet

High ocean temperatures are placing a strain on marine life and biological processes while also increasing extreme weather events on land.

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Brazil Amazon & climate policy
Credit: Lula Oficial/Flickr

Optimism dries up in Amazon as Lula drifts from climate priorities

Brazil’s president inspired hope a year ago but approval of a new highway shows he remains a concrete-and-oil state builder.

Mexico's Yucatán mega train
Credit: lezumbalaberenjena/Flickr

Tren Maya: Mexico's Yucatán mega train - world beating or environmental disaster?

Mexico's president says the Tren Maya will bring tourism and development to the jungle. But at what cost?