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permafrost melt orange rivers
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts

50th anniversary flashback: Reporting the world's biggest environmental stories.

From oil spills and nuclear waste to climate change, covering the environment has long been a crucial part of the magazine's mission.

By Jeff Goodell

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Mississippi Power: Kemper plant was, will remain asset to state.

As Mississippi Power Co., Public Utilities Staff and others struggle to come to an equitable agreement, the utility's CEO maintains that the power plant was and will continue to be an asset to the area.

Mississippi Power: Kemper plant was, will remain asset to state

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New Antarctic iceberg echoes old problem.

The break in the Larsen C ice shelf highlights the vulnerable nature of other Antarctic environments and the impact people are having on the continent.

It’s winter in Antarctica, and dark. Only passing satellites can see the continent’s latest giant iceberg. But news of the massive break in the Larsen C ice shelf, and the jagged section that now floats free, has raced around the world. Size sells. The chunk of ice has been described as twice as big as Luxembourg or Samoa, or about the size of Delaware. 

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The future of coal country.

The future of coal country.

A local environmental activist fights to prepare her community for life beyond mining.

One Sunday morning, just after deer-hunting season ended, Veronica Coptis, a community organizer in rural Greene County, Pennsylvania, climbed onto her father’s four-wheeler. She set off for a ridge a quarter of a mile from her parents’ small farmhouse, where she was brought up with her brother and two sisters. “Those are coyote tracks,” she called over the engine noise, pointing down at a set of fresh paw prints.

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VIDEO: John Oliver picks a fight with coal on 'Last Week Tonight.'

VIDEO: John Oliver picks a fight with coal on 'Last Week Tonight.'

John Oliver responded to a cease and desist letter from a coal company with the help of a giant squirrel named Mr. Nutter Butter.


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Who shot Kuki Gallmann? The story of a Kenyan conservationist heroine.

There is thunder and the equatorial rain falls perfectly straight, drenching the lawn and a pair of towering candelabra trees that frame the driveway which leads to a two-storey, colonial-era house. Inside, logs burn in the grey stone fireplace, worn kilims are spread on the parquet floor and Kuki Gallmann – 74 years old and recovering from two bullet wounds in her abdomen – sits regally upon a chair of wrought iron and stained glass shaped like a resting bird.

Who shot Kuki Gallmann? The story of a Kenyan conservationist heroine

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Millions of Colombians at risk from climate change.

Climate change has put nearly 12 million Colombians at risk from natural disasters like flooding and landslides, which could kill hundreds and cause serious infrastructure damage, the environment minister said on Tuesday.

By Luis Jaime Acosta | BOGOTA

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