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illegal amazon gold mining
Credit: Carsten ten Brink/Flickr

The battle against illegal goldmining in the Amazon – in pictures

A year after Brazil’s president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, declared a humanitarian crisis among the Yanomami and vowed zero tolerance for illegal mining, environmental enforcers have said the progress since the ousting from the reservation of 80% of the wildcat miners is in jeopardy.

mercury contamination illegal mining
Credit: PangaMedia/BigStock Photo ID: 323248420

Hunger for gold means the Amazon has reached 'tipping point' of mercury contamination from illegal mining

The rising value of gold worldwide has amplified illegal mining in the Amazon, where liquid mercury is being dumped in the Amazon River and causing scientists to warn that Indigenous communities and the environment could pay a far greater price.
violence against indigenous  land defenders

Safety of Peru’s land defenders in question after killing of Indigenous leader in the Amazon

Quinto Inuma was killed on November 29 while traveling to the Santa Rosillo de Yanayacu community in Peru’s Amazon following a meeting of environmental defenders.

indigenous Amazonians extinction threats

Indigenous women bring a tiny tribe back from the brink of extinction in the Amazon

Until recently, the Juma seemed destined to disappear like countless other Amazon tribes decimated by the European invasion.
mining site
Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash

Environmental crime money easy to stash in US due to loopholes, report finds

Secrecy and lax oversight mean illegal loggers and miners in Amazon can park billions in real estate and other assets.

online map tracks indigenous threats

New online map tracks threats to uncontacted Indigenous peoples in Brazil's Amazon

Mobi, a new online interactive map, draws information from public databases, government statistics and field observations to paint a comprehensive picture of the threats that uncontacted Indigenous peoples face in the Brazilian Amazon.

Indigenous Roraima communities sustainable solutions

In Roraima, Indigenous communities forge sustainable solutions amid threats

Sustainable farming, mercury-free fishing and circular trade are among the strategies Amazon Indigenous peoples have been developing to survive in one of the most hostile states for Indigenous people in Brazil.