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rapid melting thwaites glacier
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Mexico City's water crisis deepens amid urban growth and climate change
Heavy rains spur mosquito surge in Houston with climate change worsening the issue
Former Trump administration officials may rejoin for a second term

Former Trump administration officials may rejoin for a second term

Former Trump administration officials are likely to return if he wins the upcoming presidential election against Joe Biden, with many expressing interest in rejoining the Interior Department.

Michael Doyle reports for E&E News.

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louisiana energy oil wells

Louisiana will receive $25M federal grant to plug orphaned oil and gas wells

Louisiana will use a $25 million grant to plug, cap and reclaim up to 900 orphaned oil and gas wells across the state in the first phase of a $4.7 billion federal program included in last year's infrastructure law.

nada culver blm oil climate

Nada Culver shakes up BLM, oil and climate policy

President Biden has reversed the Trump era of "energy dominance" with the appointment of public land and wildlife advocates to Interior leadership positions.

deb haaland interior politics

Haaland makes history at swearing-in

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland this morning celebrated her landmark elevation to a seat as the nation's first Native American Cabinet member with a symbolic swearing-in ceremony led by Vice President Kamala Harris.
deb halland interior energy climate politics

Republican opposition to Haaland grows more vocal

When President Biden picked Rep. Deb Haaland to be his Interior secretary, the positive response to the historic choice was so enormous, it virtually overshadowed any meaningful dissent.
climate politics
Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

Every Cabinet job is about climate change now

Most departments - from Interior to Transportation - can help reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and improve climate resilience. And with gridlock likely to continue in the closely divided Congress, rulemaking in the executive branch may be the only way to make a difference.

Biden picks Deb Haaland. Now comes the hard part

Biden picks Deb Haaland. Now comes the hard part

In Congress, the New Mexico Democrat is about to run the gauntlet of a confirmation process in a Republican-led Senate that has only just begun to publicly acknowledge the reality of President Trump's defeat.