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Yellen calls on China to work with the U.S. to address climate change

Janet L. Yellen, the secretary of the Treasury, said that the United States and China had a joint responsibility to back international climate finance funds to combat climate change.
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Yellen to press for additional reforms at World Bank this year

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will call on Wednesday for the World Bank to undertake additional reforms this year to expand its ability to help developing countries meet global challenges such as climate change.
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Yellen warns climate change may trigger losses in US

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is set to warn on Tuesday that climate change is already having an economic impact in the U.S., cautioning that it could cause asset value losses in the future

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Janet Yellen calls higher bank capital rules for climate change risk ‘premature’

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said it’s too early to contemplate adjusting capital requirements for U.S. banks based on how much risk they face from climate change.
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Yellen to lead investigation into climate change risk to financial system

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says she will lead a regulatory review to assess the risks that climate change may have on the financial stability of the U.S.

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Biden policies would help unwind destructive forces of inequality, climate change, Yellen says

The U.S. economy needs ambitious fiscal policy to help unwind destructive forces, such as racial inequality and climate change, that have kept prosperity out of reach for millions of Americans, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told lawmakers Wednesday.

Biden's climate summit: What to watch for and who's attending

Biden's climate summit: What to watch for and who's attending

President Biden’s climate summit will begin on Thursday, Earth Day, and will feature high-profile speakers and attendees, including Pope Francis.