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Supreme Court limits federal agencies' regulatory authority by overturning Chevron decision
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
US Steel pollution
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South Africa extractive development
Credit: AnotherToughDayInAfrica/Flickr

Stopping Shell Oil on South Africa’s Wild Coast

Nonhle Mbuthuma, a South African activist, has led her community in successfully challenging major mining and oil projects on their lands, despite ongoing personal threats.

Yale Environment 360 reports.

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Argentina's Paraná delta under threat
Credit: Christian Ostrosky/Flickr

Argentina's wetlands under threat from new development projects

In Argentina's Paraná delta, known as "Earth's fourth lung," the push for luxury real estate threatens the region's diverse ecosystems and local communities, with private interests prioritizing spas and helipads over environmental and social health.

Harriet Barber reports for The Guardian.

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indonesia’s ev venture pollution
Credit: stefanophotographer/Bigstock

Environmental and human rights concerns arise from Chinese-backed nickel mining in Indonesia

A report highlights severe environmental and Indigenous rights violations by a Chinese-backed nickel industrial project in Indonesia, escalating tensions in the electric vehicle (EV) battery supply chain.

Resty Woro Yuniar reports for South China Morning Post.

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indonesia’s ev venture pollution
Credit: stefanophotographer/Bigstock Photo ID:456264981

Report outlines cost of Indonesia’s EV dream as Chinese-funded nickel plants linked to pollution, ‘land grabbing’

A report has accused a Chinese-funded industrial estate of causing ‘significant’ environmental destruction and violating the rights of indigenous people.
Guarani Indigenous land rights
Credit: Romerito Pontes/Flickr

On Brazil’s smallest Indigenous land, a pregnant teen makes a stand

A tiny Indigenous territory has become a national battleground over Brazil’s most polarizing question: How much land do Indigenous people warrant?
amazonas indigenous land grabbing
Credit: Francisco Chaves/Flickr

Company sells Indigenous land in Amazonas as NFTs without community’s knowledge

Areas of the Apurinã territory in the Lower Seruini area, in southern Amazonas state, were sold by Nemus under an NFT project that promises to preserve the forest and generate carbon credits.
Guatemala Indigenous land rights decision
Credit: Eduardo Bertran/Flickr

Swiss mining firm backs court's land rights decision in Guatemala

The Switzerland-based Solway Investment Group supports a recent court ruling that mandates Guatemala to acknowledge the property rights of an Indigenous community.

— Christopher Sherman reports for AP News.

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