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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
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How to be more eco-friendly in your garden

You don’t need to completely upend the way you garden. These small changes can make your yard a haven for flora and fauna.
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Say goodbye to lawns in drying U.S. West

Mark Marlowe, who directs the water supply for fast-growing Castle Rock, a Denver suburb, has a dim view of lawns. Irrigating grass in summer consumes 40 percent of Castle Rock’s water. And unlike water used indoors, outdoor water cannot be recycled.

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Las Vegas won't save the water it needs by just removing lawns

Drought-plagued Nevada pledged to do away with 3,900 acres of grass in the Las Vegas area within six years, but a ProPublica analysis found that the state grossly overestimated how much of that grass would likely be removed.
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Water restrictions lifted in Southern California amid rainy winter

Precipitation has been so abundant that Southern California water authorities rescinded emergency restrictions imposed last year on nearly 7 million people that required them to cut back on outdoor watering and to conserve supplies during the historic drought.

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Harper Johnston: Why grass lawns are bad for the environment and your wallet

While more environmentally friendly than pavement, grass lawns and their upkeep come with heavy carbon costs. Lawn mowers, irrigation systems, and fertilizers add to households’ carbon footprint.
They fought the lawn. And the lawn lost

They fought the lawn. And the lawn lost

After their homeowner association ordered them to replace their wildlife-friendly plants with turf grass, a Maryland couple sued. They ended up changing state law.
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How xeriscaping offers a water-efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to lawns

In movies, books and other media, the image of the American dream often included a lush green lawn. But some homeowners are looking to save money and minimize their environmental impact.