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fossil fuel influence
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
G7 nations agree to phase out coal usage by the mid-2030s
Games foster climate education
human extinction
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

We're all gonna die! How the idea of human extinction has reshaped our world

For most of human history, we didn't think the end could possibly happen. These days, we can hardly count the ways.

cherries oregon climate farming

Oregon cherry growers seek assistance from governor

Oregon cherry farmers are seeking access to critical resources and federal funding from state leaders amid a third bad crop season as a result of climate change.

dead fish texas beach
Image by simon_ramone from Pixabay

Dead fish are popping up along beaches on the Texas Gulf Coast, officials say. Here's why

This week, Texas beachgoers along the Gulf Coast may have observed a startling sight along the coastlines: possibly thousands of dead fish washed up on the sand.

Chevron Ad (Satire alert!)

Chevron Ad (Satire alert!)

Nothing is more precious than life.CREDITS: Writer Adam McKayVoice Steven San MiguelEditor Bruce HerrmanProducer Staci Roberts-SteeleSpecial Thanks Lost Plan...
nature based solutions native plants climate

Six nature-based solutions for gardeners to help fight climate change

Nature-based climate solutions have countless add-on benefits that relate to an improved natural environment, ranging from increased biodiversity to overall lower costs.

climate impacts ice
Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Cold plunges are getting lots of buzz, but is it supported by science?

Increasingly erratic weather has meant shorter seasons and less predictable freezing patterns. That, unfortunately, has led to an increase in drownings, particularly around this time of year, since the thaw is less predictable.

maine birds biodiversity

Maine to start tracking bird patterns during Maine winter

For the first time, the state wants Mainers to take note of the birds they see as part of a statewide winter survey.