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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
War's environmental damage
American Climate Corps
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The oceans are getting greener, remote sensing reveals

Satellite images have confirmed that the world’s oceans have become slightly greener. Scientists suspect climate change is the reason.

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Learning more about the ocean's problems can inspire solutions

New technologies and research are helping solve problems such as plastic pollution, bycatch and ocean acidification.
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Global warming risks most cataclysmic extinction of marine life in 250m years

Global heating is causing such a drastic change to the world’s oceans that it risks a mass extinction event of marine species that rivals anything that’s happened in the Earth’s history over tens of millions of years, new research has warned.

Microplastics are in our bodies. How much do they harm us?

Microplastics are in our bodies. How much do they harm us?

The science is unsettled, but researchers say there is cause for concern.

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Whale poop's in short supply. More would help fight climate change

A decline in huge baleen whales -- and, just as importantly, in whale poop -- has had major consequences for both the ocean ecosystem and the global climate, according to new research.

crumbling Yemeni tanker threatening massive oil spill

Talks break down over crumbling Yemeni tanker threatening massive oil spill

A decaying super-tanker anchored off Yemen with 1.1 million barrels of Marib light crude oil in its hold looks increasingly likely to wreak havoc in the Red Sea, experts are warning.

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US partners with four other countries to advance marine areas as climate solution

The U.S. is partnering with the United Kingdom, Chile, Costa Rica and France to boost the use of protected ocean areas as a climate solution.