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Hurricane Beryl leaves millions of Texans without power amid soaring heat
Unpredictable rainfall challenges Indian farmers

Unpredictable rainfall challenges Indian farmers

Farmers in India struggle to adapt to erratic monsoons caused by climate change, threatening their livelihoods and the country's agriculture.

Sibi Arasu reports for The Associated Press.

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Climate change, poor planning make India’s monsoon season devastating

Sanjay Chauhan witnessed monsoon rains lash down over his home and farm in the Indian Himalayas this year with a magnitude and intensity he's never experienced before.

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India national capital receives record single-day rain as several parts face severe downpour

Red alerts have been sounded for several regions across India facing heavy rainfall, while a record-breaking downpour in capital Delhi has led to waterlogging and brought daily life to a standstill.

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What centuries-old Indian court paintings tell us about climate change

In “Monsoon Mood,” the latest episode of the Smithsonian podcast Sidedoor, host Lizzie Peabody digs into a 300-year-old artistic revolution—one that has surprising new relevance in the 21st century as we look for ways to forestall catastrophic climate change.

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Summer monsoons get the hype, but Las Vegas researcher warns of winter storms’ perils

The flooding in Las Vegas that accompanies those summer monsoon cloudbursts might also occur in the winter in future years, according to one researcher’s findings.

The South Asia monsoon is becoming more extreme

The South Asia monsoon is becoming more extreme

South Asia’s monsoon is inextricably linked, culturally and economically, to much of Asia. Climate change is making it increasingly violent and erratic.
Battered by floods and trapped in debt, Pakistani farmers struggle to survive

Battered by floods and trapped in debt, Pakistani farmers struggle to survive

The recent flooding has plunged small farmers in sharecropping arrangements further into debt with their landlords — a cycle that has worsened as extreme weather events become increasingly common.