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Colorado transportation planning
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Tornadoes strike the US almost daily from late April to late May
India experiences extreme heatwave with record-breaking temperatures
cork bark
Credit: Jörg/Pixabay

Cork's rise as a sustainable alternative in various industries

Cork, known for sealing wine bottles, is now revolutionizing industries as a sustainable material, offering environmental benefits and diverse applications.

Marta Vidal reports for The Washington Post.

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beavers biodiversity idaho wetlands
Photo by Niklas Hamann on Unsplash

Banished to a remote Idaho valley, beavers created a lush wetland

Beavers relocated to a remote Idaho valley have transformed the landscape into a lush wetland and a haven against fire and drought, satellite imagery shows.

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climate impacts james hansen
Image by Matthias Fischer from Pixabay

‘We are damned fools’: Scientist who sounded climate alarm in 80s warns of worse to come

The world is shifting towards a superheated climate not seen in the past 1m years, prior to human existence, because “we are damned fools” for not acting upon warnings over the climate crisis, according to James Hansen, the US scientist who alerted the world to the greenhouse effect in the 1980s.

nasa boeing x-plane greenhouse gases
Image by Steen Jepsen from Pixabay

NASA and Boeing will build a new X-plane, the X-66A, to fight aviation greenhouse gas emissions

The new X-plane isn’t built to break speed barriers, carry astronauts, or test the possibilities of unmanned air combat. This one is designed to fight climate change.

global warming energy climate

Global warming driving more extreme droughts, floods, NASA data shows

Twenty years of NASA's global satellite data show just how much the extent, duration and severity of extreme droughts and floods have risen alongside warming global temperatures, a new study reveals.

Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution

NASA is launching a new satellite that can measure air pollution

NASA is launching a new satellite that can detect and measure air pollution in real time from space. It's called Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution, TEMPO for short.
climate satellite nasa energy greenhouse gases

NASA cancels greenhouse gas monitoring satellite due to cost

NASA is canceling a planned satellite that was going to intensely monitor greenhouse gases over the Americas because it got too costly and complicated.