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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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New Hampshire releases updated climate change assessment

Heavy rains. Less snow. Up to 60 days of extreme heat, every year by the end of the century. New Hampshire’s 2021 climate assessment, released Wednesday, paints a grim picture of the state’s future, unless greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

 NH House Burgess biomass bill
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In a NH House committee hearing on Burgess biomass bill, legislators look toward long-term solutions

House Republican Michael Vose said an amendment would give leaders the time to try to come up with a long-term fix for the biomass plant.
maple syrup production climate migrates northward
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Maine county may become the last bastion of maple syrup producers in New England

The problem for southern Maine and New England producers is erratic winter weather and shortening sap season.
new hampshire food climate

How NHPR is committed to covering our environment

In celebration of Earth Week, NHPR will be airing stories from a joint seriesfocused on the theme of food and how climate change is impacting New England’s small food and drink producers.

new hampshire sea level rise climate
Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

New sea-level rise projections could help N.H. towns plan for impacts of climate change

New projections show sea levels on the East Coast could rise about a foot in the next 30 years. They sharpen the focus on what a wetter future could look like on New Hampshire’s Seacoast.

new hampshire climate justice

Climate change brings more summer heat stress to New Hampshire and its infrastructure

New Hampshire experienced more days over 90 degrees and higher average and overnight temperatures in the summers over the past 50 years, as human activity.

climate change migration population

As climate change drives migration to N.H., towns face tension and opportunity

Studies show that climate change could prompt millions of Americans to relocate in the coming decades, resulting in unplanned population growth in New Hampshire and northern New England.