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environmental justice
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
extreme heat disaster designation
eu nature restoration law
indonesia’s ev venture pollution
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Report outlines cost of Indonesia’s EV dream as Chinese-funded nickel plants linked to pollution, ‘land grabbing’

A report has accused a Chinese-funded industrial estate of causing ‘significant’ environmental destruction and violating the rights of indigenous people.
China leading EV battery manufacturing
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Can the world make an electric car battery without China?

From mines to refineries and factories, China began investing decades ago. Today, most of your electric car batteries are made in China and that’s unlikely to change soon.
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EV battery manufacturing sourcing
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The underbelly of electric cars: Where all those EV batteries come from

Mining and processing the minerals needed to meet the growing demand for EVs can be costly for workers, local communities and the environment.
mercury pollution power plants

E.P.A. to tighten limits on mercury and other pollutants from power plants

A new rule would reduce mercury, arsenic, nickel and lead emissions, which the Biden administration said would protect public health.
EV mining rush could come to Montana

The EV mining rush could come to Montana’s mountains

A company announced it found the country’s highest-grade rare earth deposit in Montana.
Indonesia sickness and pollution
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Workers are dying in the EV industry’s ‘tainted’ city

In Indonesia, sickness and pollution plague a sprawling factory complex that supplies the world with crucial battery materials.
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recycling depleted ev batteries

Electric vehicle sales are racing ahead, but is there a plan for the waste they create?

Some Canadian startups are aiming to give depleted EV batteries new life by recycling them and retrieving the valuable critical minerals within so they can be reused to make more batteries.