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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Image by Daniel Roberts from Pixabay

Map: Smoke from Canada wildfires expected to return to New York

Smoke from wildfires in Canada is expected to drift over New York and other Northeastern states on Monday, officials have warned, adding that they were anticipating slight impacts on air quality in some places.

power blackout energy climate
Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

The 2003 Northeast blackout was an outlier. But extreme heat could make it much more common

Once rare, power blackouts will likely increase in frequency. The health effects could be disastrous.
flooding northeast rain climate

Deadly floods 2023: Why extreme rain may be the “new abnormal”

Parts of the United States’s eastern seaboard have been hit with massive floods in recent weeks, a phenomenon that’s expected to grow more common — and worse — as climate change warms the planet.

climate impacts wildfires

Summer wildfire threat could imperil unexpected US regions: the Northeast and Midwest

In a summer of drought, smoke and haze, wildfires could flare up in unusual locations in the United States over the next few months — including New England and the Midwest, according to federal forecasters.

airbnb green upgrades
Image by Peggy from Pixabay

Airbnb will chip in for its hosts' green upgrades

People using Airbnb to book their Berkshires fall foliage getaway or summer escape to Cape Cod may arrive at a rental property that’s part of a new campaign to support hosts greening their homes.

northeast wildfires climate impacts
Photo by Egor Vikhrev on Unsplash

Climate change is making NJ and NY into wildfire hotspots

A new nationwide analysis shows that the number of days of fire risk has been growing swiftly in parts of the Northeast over the last 50 years.
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A dire report on US storm risks maps tomorrow's floods

Hurricane-strength winds and intense rainfall will target the US Northeast in coming decades, a new report warns, redrawing the US flood risk map.