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Azerbaijani government criticized for silencing media ahead of climate summit
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FERC authorizes Mountain Valley Pipeline operations
Copper recycling increases as demand soars
butterflies insects climate protection

Are butterflies wildlife? Depends where you live in the U.S.

A legal quirk leaves officials in at least a dozen states with little or no authority to protect insects. That’s a growing problem for humans.
pesticide global warming climate

How pesticides intensify global warming

A new study shows that pesticides are a key contributor to climate change, from their manufacturing, transportation, and application, all the way to their degradation and disposal.

environmental health pollution
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What is environmental health?

Examining a massive influence on our health: the environment.

We've been reporting on environmental health for 20 years. But what is environmental health? You've got questions, and we have answers.

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climate impacts extinctions wetlands
Photo by Elly Kelders on Unsplash

Wetlands point to extinction problems beyond climate change

It's not just climate change that's driving extinctions: Wetland mismanagement is endangering 40,000 small but vital plant and animal species, according to the Center for Biological Diversity.

american vines wine climate france
Photo by Jaime Casap on Unsplash

For France, American vines still mean sour grapes

French authorities have tried to outlaw hardy American hybrids for 87 years. But climate change and the natural wine movement are giving renegade winemakers a lift.
A locust plague hit East Africa. The pesticide solution may have dire consequences.

A locust plague hit East Africa. The pesticide solution may have dire consequences.

Heavy use of a broad-spectrum pesticide seems to have slowed the desert locust invasion. What the repercussions of that approach are isn’t yet clear.
food weeds climate impacts herbicides

Will rising temperatures make superweeds even stronger?

If heat is boosting many weeds' resistance to major herbicides, the implications could be significant. Left unchecked, weeds can devastate harvests and income.