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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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EPA introduces new rules for legacy coal ash pond cleanup
coal power plant
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Crypto mine comes to Indiana and major polluting coal plant stays open

A pollution-spewing power plant in western Indiana that was set to close this year is getting a reprieve after being purchased by a coal company and landing a new energy-guzzling neighbor hoping to cash in on the international cryptocurrency boom.

sewage treatment plants flooding

Rising flood risks threaten many water and sewage treatment plants across the US

Across the U.S., municipal water systems and sewage treatment plants are at increasing risk of damage from floods and sea-level rise brought on in part or even wholly by climate change.
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Rooftop solar was overlooked. Now it's closing a New England power plant

The expansion of rooftop solar in New England is keeping the lights on during winter, surprising the region’s grid operator and challenging long-standing assumptions that the growth of renewable energy could destabilize the power system.

climate colorado energy

New Colorado plan envisions 2.1M electric cars on state roads by 2035

Colorado proposes new truck sales at 30% electric by 2030, but trucking industry questions whether it’s feasible.

coal power plant pollution

Coal power plants polluting the groundwater, report says

A report from two nonprofits, the Environmental Integrity Project and Earthjustice, showed improper storage of waste material from coal-fired power plants is causing unsafe levels of groundwater contamination at 91% of all coal plants in the United States.

greenhouse gas new jersey climate
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N.J. implements new rules targeting power plants

Regulations intended to tackle greenhouse gas emissions that have been slammed by environmental justice advocates as not aggressive enough were adopted by New Jersey Tuesday.

energy transfer revolution plant
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Christmas Day fire at Energy Transfer's Revolution plant keeps Washington County facility offline

A natural gas processing plant in Washington County remains offline after a Christmas day fire ripped through a section of the Energy Transfer facility, sending fire from a flare into the sky for more than 10 hours.