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Toxic coal ash complicates Chapel Hill redevelopment plans
global plastics negotiations
Credit: Ekō/Ben Powless | Survival Media Agency/Flickr

Plastic industry pushes for recycling as a solution to pollution crisis

The petrochemical industry claims to support a global treaty to curb plastic pollution but emphasizes recycling over production caps.

Joseph Winters reports for Grist.

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AI tool curbs plastic waste
Credit: G Witteveen/Flickr

AI tool aims to curb plastic waste in food industry

A new machine learning tool developed at U.C. Santa Barbara aims to guide policymakers in reducing plastic waste through a variety of interventions.

Lisa Held reports for Civil Eats.

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nyc plastic waste management
Credit: John Fraissinet/Flickr

Effort to reduce plastic waste in New York gains momentum

New York State is on the verge of passing legislation to significantly reduce single-use plastic waste, potentially setting a precedent for other states.

Hilary Howard reports for The New York Times.

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global plastic pollution treaty

New global discussions focus on halting plastic pollution

Thousands gather in Ottawa to draft a legally-binding treaty aimed at halting the surge of plastic pollution worldwide. Will it protect the environment and human health?

Jennifer McDermott reports for the Associated Press.

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 plastic pollution & plastic recycling

Opinion: The myth of plastic recycling needs reevaluation

The author argues that we must confront the reality that recycling does not make plastic any less harmful or more sustainable, suggesting a move towards reducing overall plastic production.

Eve O. Schaub writes for The Washington Post.

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Global Plastic Treaty
The third session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution negotiations were held in Nairobi, Kenya last November. (Credit: UNEP/Ahmed Nayim Yussuf)

This will be a big year in shaping the future of chemical recycling

The controversial practice looms large in state environmental laws, federal regulation and global plastic treaty negotiations.

With a presidential election looming, a wave of state-level legislation circulating, an international plastics treaty taking form and fights brewing over proposed facilities, 2024 is set to shape the regulatory future of chemical recycling in the U.S.

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plastic recycling challenges
Credit: David/Flickr

California confronts plastic recycling challenges under new law

A recent report challenges California's approach to plastic recycling, citing concerns over illegal exports and the state's "Truth in Labeling" law.

James Bruggers reports for Inside Climate News.

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