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power plant
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Feds give $31.7 million to convert ex-coal plant in Detroit to clean energy

An Ypsilanti-based company was selected to receive $31.7 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to build an energy efficiency window plant in Southwest Detroit.

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Pennsylvania high court to consider plan to make power plants pay for greenhouse gas emissions

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court will take its first crack at whether a governor can force power plant owners to pay for their planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, or whether he first needed approval from a Legislature that refused to go along with the plan.

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How EPA’s new power plant rules could impact Pennsylvania

A new proposal by the EPA to limit planet-warming carbon emissions from power plants is expected to cut pollution in Pennsylvania, the state with the fourth-highest energy-related emissions in the country.

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4 big questions answered about EPA’s power plant rules

The Biden administration will plunge into transforming the U.S. power sector on Thursday by requiring utilities to capture much of their carbon emissions — or not produce as many to begin with.

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Hundreds of gas plants could escape EPA climate rules

About 1,000 natural gas-fired power plants that provide energy at periods of peak demand could be excluded from the toughest standards under EPA’s upcoming carbon rules.

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E.P.A. to tighten limits on mercury and other pollutants from power plants

A new rule would reduce mercury, arsenic, nickel and lead emissions, which the Biden administration said would protect public health.
German climate protests disrupt coal power plant

Germany: Arrests as climate protests disrupt coal power plant, Berlin traffic

Police have cleared activists from a coal power plant and the rail lines leading to it, detaining several people. The protest impacted power output. Meanwhile, in Berlin, another group blocked busy intersections.