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nurses climate change
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Biden administration finalizes environmental regulations ahead of potential Trump presidency
EU elections Green party decline
Railroad Accidents and Safety

Union Pacific fired him rather than heed his warnings of dangerous rail conditions

Time and again, Johnny Taylor’s duty to keep the rails safe from disaster conflicted with his employer’s desire to keep its trains running as fast and as frequently as possible, putting his career and family in peril.
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hurricane risk meets booming growth

‘A beautiful place that has a dragon’: Where hurricane risk meets booming growth

The combined threat of climate change and development in risky areas is making it a big challenge to keep coastal Carolina residents safe.
Criminal charges in house gas explosion

Criminal charges in house explosion should be a deterrent to environmental violators, AG said

An investigative grand jury found it was Equitrans gas that made its way up one of its storage wells, and leaked into the Whites’ house, fueling the explosion.

hurricane intensification increasing
Glacial lakes threaten millions

Glacial lakes threaten millions in a warming world

A Himalayan lake fed by melting ice just released a devastating flood in northern India. Thousands of other unstable lakes are getting bigger every year.
Local officials have potential to block carbon dioxide projects

Local officials have potential to block carbon dioxide projects

Carbon dioxide capture facilities at ethanol plants that would feed proposed pipelines would be subject to local building permits.
BC’s dikes are ticking time bombs

Why BC’s dikes are ticking time bombs

An FOI request reveals a lack of government action to address known risks.