rising ocean temperatures

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Rising ocean temperatures
Credit: Wayne S. Grazio/Flickr

Rising ocean temperatures signal potential global disruptions

As oceans warm at unprecedented rates, experts fear widespread ecological impacts.

Katrin Bennhold, David Gelles and Raymond Zhong report for The New York Times.

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sharply rising ocean temperatures
Credit: www.twin-loc.fr/Flickr

‘Astounding’ ocean temperatures in 2023 intensified extreme weather, data shows

Record levels of heat were absorbed last year by Earth’s seas, which have been warming year-on-year for the past decade.

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Greenland’s deteriorating northern ice shelves

A major alarm is flashing under Greenland’s ice

Greenland’s northern ice shelves have lost more than a third of their volume since 1978, new research finds.
climate-driven super storms

Hurricane Otis and the world we live in now

The unexpected Category 5 storm is just the latest in a series of unprecedented climate disasters this year.
hurricane intensification increasing
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Law of the Sea & climate change
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What does the Law of the Sea say about climate change?

A team of 21 judges is going to figure it out.
bioluminescence & warming ocean currents

Sydney bioluminescence event in Rushcutters Bay is a signal of warming ocean currents, experts say

Passers-by describe it as stepping into a "dream world" but experts say the bright blue and green lights from bioluminescent algae are a marker for the warming planet.