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Senate grills Haaland over energy
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Tensions rise as US stance on plastic treaty draws criticism
Farmers' protests challenge EU's climate policies
Climate's toll on female-led rural homes

Climate's toll on female-led rural homes

Women at the helm of rural homes in developing nations face disproportionate climate adversities, as stated by the UN.

Associated Press reports.

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minnesota energy transmission grid

Minn. transmission line to boost reliability

Large cross-country transmission lines carrying clean energy from remote rural areas to population centers will be a key strategy for reducing emissions. But as a project in Minnesota illustrates, the grid puzzle is more complicated than that.

india solar system energy climate
Image by Como una Reina from Pixabay

Most of India's rural solar systems no longer work due to poor maintenance

A cautionary tale for a world racing into renewables: The large majority of mini-grids in India no longer work, an environmental group found.
iraq drought water climate
Photo by Haryad Ali on Unsplash

How climate change causes culture clashes in Iraq's cities

Drought is forcing thousands of rural Iraqis migrate to cities for work, bringing with them their own cultural ideas. This has caused community conflicts, sometimes even violence, in big cities like Baghdad and Basra.
rural energy electricity climate

Biden admin launches $11B program to electrify rural America

The Agriculture Department is kicking off the awards process for nearly $11 billion in funding to electrify and decarbonize rural parts of the United States.

tornado danger climate rural justice

Tornado forecasts are more accurate. Why aren't they saving more lives?

America's tornado warning system is a patchwork of municipal sirens, cell phone alerts, and radio and TV messages. But even as forecasting for dangerous storms improves, people who live in rural areas too often miss the life-saving warnings.

inflation reduction act wisconsin climate

Wisconsin's rural governments are at a disadvantage when it comes to competing for federal climate funds

The federal Inflation Reduction Act provides historic clean energy incentives to local governments across the country, including in Wisconsin. But taking full advantage of those opportunities is often more difficult for rural communities.