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Photo by Caleb Jack on Unsplash

Climate change wiped out thousands of the West’s most iconic cactus

Heat, drought and an invasive grass are driving wildfires killing the giant saguaros in Arizona, raising concerns about how the cactus will recover without human intervention.

200-year-old cactus dies after heavy storms in Arizona national park

200-year-old cactus dies after heavy storms in Arizona national park

The beloved cactus, nearly 100 years older than Arizona itself, weathered generations of storms and droughts, until it toppled to the ground after August rains.
The saguaro solution
Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

The saguaro solution

Can a massive effort to replant cacti in the Sonoran Desert restore an ecosystem ravaged by fire?
Arizona climate change data hotter, drier future

Latest Arizona climate change data suggests a hotter, drier future

NOAA’s 2022 Arizona Climate Summary says the state got hotter and rainfall remained highly variable from 2017-20. This might not sound like news, but experts say we need to take a closer look at the changes – especially increased nighttime temperatures in metro Phoenix.
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Southwest wildfires endanger saguaros

Fires accelerated by climate change, along with invasive plants and urban sprawl, threaten the saguaros, a keystone species of the Sonoran Desert and a celebrated symbol of the Southwest.
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Saguaro cactus is imperiled by climate change and humans

The saguaro may begin to fade from some parts of the Sonoran Desert as changes in the climate reshape the landscape.