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Saudi Arabia moves toward renewable energy sources

Saudi Arabia moves toward renewable energy sources

Despite its vast oil reserves, Saudi Arabia is increasingly investing in renewable energy like solar and wind to balance its energy needs and reduce carbon emissions.

Stanley Reed reports for The New York Times.

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Saudi Arabia renewables disinformation campaign
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Saudi Arabia focuses on emissions from wind and solar over oil

The kingdom is elevating the use of fans and filters to pull carbon dioxide out of the sky. But its motives are under scrutiny at global climate talks.
saudi arabia driving oil demand

Revealed: Saudi Arabia’s grand plan to ‘hook’ poor countries on oil

Climate scientists say fossil fuel use needs to fall rapidly – but oil-rich kingdom is working to drive up demand.

global oil prices & production

Oil prices jump on extension of production cuts by Saudi Arabia and Russia

The move reflected renewed efforts by the two major exporters to bolster the price of crude.
oil tanker at sea
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The remarkable story of how Yemen’s oil tanker disaster was averted by crowdfunding

When civil war broke out in 2015, a leaky oil tanker in the Red Sea became a crisis point – triggering a nail-biting series of events that saw special negotiations between the Houthi rebels and Saudi-backed government, and the UN begging the public for help – and getting it from a bunch of US schoolchildren.

Russia and Saudi Arabia’s oil partnership shows strain

Russia and Saudi Arabia’s oil partnership shows strain

Analysts said the countries’ mutual need to keep energy prices high would help them maintain close ties, despite signs that Moscow has undercut previous deals.
fossil fuels energy climate reparations

Fossil fuel firms owe climate reparations of $209bn a year, says study

The world’s top fossil fuel companies owe at least $209bn in annual climate reparations to compensate communities most damaged by their polluting business and decades of lies, a new study calculates.