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Climate change is making home runs easier to hit
Photo by Wei Zeng on Unsplash

Climate change is making home runs easier to hit

A new study attributes more than 500 homers since 2010 to increased global average temperatures, an effect that will only increase the hotter Earth gets.

breadfruit climate food

Is breadfruit the climate change-proof food of the future?

As the climate continues to shift because of human actions, breadfruit could increasingly play a role in addressing global hunger, according to a paper published this month in the journal PLOS Climate.

atacama mummies climate impacts

Can the world's oldest mummies survive climate change and other threats in the coming decades?

Mummies buried in the Atacama desert of Chilenearly 7,000 years ago might seem like the ultimate survivors—after all, they’re nearly 2,000 years older than some of the oldest Egyptian mummies. But the rare archaeological treasures are now an endangered species for reasons beyond their advanced age.

climate impacts ancient humans

How did climate change affect ancient humans?

Hundreds of thousands of years ago our ancestors had an intimate relationship with their environment, which helped shape where and how they lived. But when the climate changed - when the river ran dry or local grasslands and herds dwindled - how did ancient humans respond?

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A new tool may help crab fishers sidestep dead zones

Lately, bouts of dangerously low oxygen levels - or hypoxia - have afflicted parts of the North American west coast, affecting critters from halibut to sea stars.

antarctic penguins climate impacts
Photo by Tam Minton on Unsplash

New Antarctic penguin colonies discovered further south than normal

As the climate warms, gentoo penguins are expanding to habitats that were previously too icy for them to raise chicks.

forests climate solutions

Old, primeval forests may be a powerful tool to fight climate change

Ecologists thought America’s primeval forests were gone. Then Bob Leverett proved them wrong and discovered a powerful new tool against climate change.